Why Is Cashmere So Expensive?

So, we all know that most cashmere sweaters carry a hefty price tag. But do we know why cashmere is considered a luxurious, premium fabric?

First things first: cashmere is a type of wool. It’s a type of wool sourced from goats in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia (starting to make sense why this stuff is expensive?). This desert is super cold. It is Mongolia, after all. The goats have to keep themselves warm. The longer their hair, the warmer they are. So, the longer the cashmere fiber, the cozier it is (and, incidentally, the less likely it is to pill). Typically more than one goat’s hair is needed to make one cashmere sweater. 

Cashmere is a premium fiber, first and foremost, because it is super soft and super warm (up to 3x more insulating than sheep's wool). But it is also quite rare, it can only be harvested once per year and each sweater requires a lot of fiber. So, supply is low and demand is high, making for a pretty cozy, though expensive, sweater. 

Until now. 

While it doesn't take long to find a cashmere sweater that'll cost you $100 or more, most of that price is just a marketing tactic, taking advantage of the situation outlined above. At Last Brand, we've cut out all of the unnecessary costs that come along cashmere, and deliver our sweater to you at 50-75% below anything else of comparable quality that you'll find in the market. Now you can enjoy the best sweaters around without breaking the bank..