How to Style Leather Bags for Summer

When you imagine your "go-to" bag for the summer, you’re probably not thinking of leather. Don’t store those bags away yet, though! Leather can absolutely be worn in the summer time, and will make your outfit look classy and chic. In the outfits below, we show you how to style some of our beautiful Italian leather bags.

Keep reading to see the best ways to wear your leather bags in the heat!

Up first, our handcrafted  Leather Shopper Tote

The best part about a tote bag is that it can be styled up or down. Here, we show it casually with a baggy sweater and a black skirt. The bag is so practical given the amount of room it has, so you can bring this bag shopping with you and throw some of your purchases right in. Other trips it works best with? Work, a day trip, traveling in the airport, or to a meeting.

Leather Tote Bag Don’t: Avoid this size bag for the bar or restaurant because it might be too much to carry around in a small space – I’ll show you the best one to use for your night out!

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Next in line, our Italian leather  Croco Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags seem to be all the rage lately. They’re small, but practical, and go with almost any outfit! Plus, you can wear it across your body or on your shoulder to style it differently each time. Nadia styled it below for a day / night out with a cute, flowing top along with jeans and Chucks. 

Crossbody Bag Don’t: We wouldn’t wear this style with a more formal outfit because it teeters on the casual / semi-casual side. Keep reading to see which bag is best for formal wear!

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Now, take a look at our Gold-accented  Leather Clutch

Clutches are the best for going out, and this Italian Leather Clutch is the perfect size! It's perfect for all your essentials to meet some friends out at a restaurant, and doesn't feel like the bag was taking up the whole table. Nadia styled it with a romper, and heels, and was pleasantly surprised how well the leather material went with the look. This clutch comes in black or cream color, and it is only $60 which is so much less than other similar leather clutches out there!

Leather Clutch Don’t: Truthfully, you can’t really go wrong with adding this to almost any outfit! The only material we would avoid pairing it with is light jeans. Dark jeans or black jeans, though, are a definite OK!

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Last but not least, the Italian leather  Mini Shoulder Bag

This style is in right now! These mini bags were huge in the 90’s, and since the 90’s have rolled back around, this is a must have! Nadia woe it casually with a crop top and high rise jeans, and professionally as you can see in the outfit below! AND it’s only $55 which is a steal as similar bags usually sell for $100 or more!

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Hopefully now you can reach back into your closet and continue to use those leather bags for the summer! If you don’t have ones like these and want to get your own, make sure to check out our collections so you can be stylish without breaking the bank! 

Happy Shopping!!

Special thanks to @thatnadialook for styling our bags so perfectly! Don't forget to follow her on IG.